Hula Show and Cultural Program

Napili Kai Foundation

The Napili Kai Foundation follows the philosophy of Auntie Emma Farden Sharpe, renowned Kumu Hula and a member of the first Board of Directors, who said: “Hula should be shared, not judged.”

Since 1966, the Napili Kai Foundation has strived to preserve the Hawaiian culture by passing it along to Maui’s keiki (children) through programs introducing them to the dances, language, history, arts and crafts of Polynesia.

Our program is open to keiki ages 5-18 and participation is free and is the only one of its kind that awards higher education scholarships to its graduates.  The Foundation is a non-profit, 501 (c)(3) organization and is financed entirely by private and corporate donations.  The Foundation performs at hospitals, children’s organizations, homes for the elderly, schools, and festivals on Maui and on the Mainland.

Travel to the Mainland is provided every 2-3 years as a cultural exchange and educational opportunity for the keiki to both share the Aloha spirit and to learn of possibilities available to them outside of Hawaii.