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Mahalo to our Generous Supporters!

Napili Kai Foundation Passing the Torch

Help the Foundation continue this tradition of excellence of “passing the torch of knowledge” by becoming a part of our ‘Ohana (Family). Tax deductible donations may be made at our shows, by mail, or through this website.

Donations may be directed to Program, Scholarship, or Travel, and are cumulative.
Donors are recognized publicly.  Founding Supporters, Torch Supporters and Legacy Sponsors’ names are engraved on the Rolls of Honor that are displayed at Napili Kai Beach Resort.

Napili Kai Foundation Maui Hula Show and Scholarship Program

Honorary Supporters


  • Legacy Supporters (Kukui a’a mau–Ever Blazing Light)  |$10,000 and over
  • Torch Supporters (Lama Kukui)  |  $5,000 – $9,999
  • Founding Supporters  |  $2,500 – $4,999
  • Life Supporters  |  $1,000 – $2,499
  • Sustaining Supporters  |  $500 – $999

Become an Honorary Supporter for as little as $9.95/ month!

Mahalo to Our Distinguished Sponsors!


J.C. Millar Scholarship Fund

This is the original scholarship fund created in 1986 in memory of Jack Millar, the founder of the Napili Kai Beach Resort.  The shareholders and owners of the Resort donated the initial funds and continue to support it to this day.  This fund benefits graduates of the Foundation and the children of employees of the Resort.  In addition to the shareholders and owners of the Resort, this fund is also supported by guests of the weekly show and community fundraisers.


 Bert and Barbara Stubblefield Scholarship Fund

This fund was established by Bert and Barbara Stubblefield, shareholders of Napili Kai Beach Resort and life long supporters of the Foundation. This fund supports Foundation graduates and children of employees of the Resort seeking careers in Industrial Arts, building trades and technical training.

The Leila Cilker Travel Fund

This fund was established in honor of Leila Cilker, a shareholder of Napili Kai Beach Resort.  She, and her family believe that the exposure gained by travel can produce lifelong benefits for the children, and provides exposure to career and educational opportunities in the world away from Hawaii.  This fund assists in providing travel opportunities for cultural exchanges for the Foundation children and visits to college and university campuses every two to three years.  Individual donations can be contributed to this fund.

Perna-Rose Foundation for Hope

The Perna-Rose Foundation for Hope was founded by Janet Perna and Melanie Rose, both retired IBM executives.  This Foundation provides funding to domestic and international organizations.  They have supported the Napili Kai Foundation graduates in the area of education.


Felts Family Foundation

This family foundation (shareholders of Napili Kai Beach Resort) supports projects, other non-profit organizations and private institutions that are involved in community related activities intended to help underprivileged children and/or to promote diversity and cultural heritage.


Dennis Wilkinson Memorial Scholarship Fund

This memorial fund was founded by Mrs. Jamie Wilkinson, a condo owner at the Napili Kai Beach Resort, in memory of her husband, Dennis, and supports general education.


Tom Cooper/Barbara Bunce Memorial Scholarship Fund

This memorial scholarship fund was founded by Napili Kai Beach Resort shareholder, Thomas Cooper, in. honor of his wife, Barbara Bunce, and supports general education.




Dean and Colleen Dwyer Scholarship Fund

Dean and Colleen Dwyer are shareholders of Napili Kai Beach Resort and have designated a $10,000 scholarship to be awarded to Foundation graduates and/or children of Napili Kai Beach Resort employees in the amount of $2,500 per year for four years.